Brief: Create a fun and innovative experience that highlights the LEGO Star Wars: The Last Jedi related products while engaging customers in a uniquely LEGO digital experience. The team conceptualized and directed a 360 digital experience brought to life by Curious Media.

Role: User Experience and User Interface Design and Direction, Game Design, Brainstorming & Concepting, User Testing, Story Ideation, Research and Development

Experience it while you can, it's still live on!


Beyond the basic experience, we needed a way for users to be able to check out the product in more detail, which we allowed after they completed the mini-game and reward story video. In this end view the user sees the product rotating and has the opportunity to rotate it themselves and select highlight points. We also included the animated cinemagraphs of the product packaging I had created for social, to give the user a better look at the set in action.

We chose to create this experience in HTML5, so it was easily accessible to as many people as possible. We brainstormed what mini game ideas would be possible using HTML5 and javascript and consulted with Curious Media to make our concept come to life. The mini games we created had simple mechanics such as collecting brick coming down a stream, simple left and right strategic map-like gameplay and a mechanic that forces the user to focus on an object and continue following that object as it moves around.

The team brainstormed to determine tech, story, and reward video content that could be made for users finishing the levels of the game-like marketing experience. Storyboards were created for the videos, giving a first look at what one of the perspectives would look like in this VR experience.

LEGO Star Wars 360 Experience


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