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Packaging and Contents In order to effectively communicate what iDevices products look like in a retailer's store I took pictures of all the products and their package contents along with the packaging itself to show retailers what they were getting when purchasing the products. This image below is all of those images put together for the use of a header in the distribution page of iDevicesinc.com
Photo Retouching & Manipulation Photo retouching and manipulation were an every day task at iDevices. Below are some images that I manipulated and/or retouched in one way or another. Generally this included cleaning the product to an out of box standard. Eliminating dust, scratches, harsh reflections, and other distractions that would take away from the product or focus of the shot and also replacing iPhones from the image with Samsung/Android phones in preparation for the Android release of the Connected app.
iDevices Photography
iDevices Apple Spec Product Photography Since Apple carried iDevices products they requested photography of them all. Multiple views were taken; top, front, left angled, right angled, side and a cutout that included package contents. After executing the photography I retouched all the images and ensured they were to the standards of Apple's Photography guidelines.


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