iDevices Connected App Manual iDevices Connected is an app that is a central hub for all iDevices products. This is an interactive pdf manual that was created for use as an in-app manual but also meant for print and desktop purposes as well. The manual goes into detail about navigating the different parts of the app and goes into further detail about connecting iDevices products via Bluetooth. This manual was then also translated into 12 different languages and I implemented those translations into the same format. View the PDF
iDevices Product User Manuals These user manuals are interactive pdf manuals that were created for use as an in-app manuals like the iDevices Connected app manual. Each manual's table of contents provides anchor links to each header. This allows users to more easily navigate through the pdf. These manuals focused there attention on the products and how the product functions. They were also translated into 12 different languages and implemented into the same format. To view these PDFs, select a manual from the left
iDevices Product Quick Start Guides
To view these PDFs, select a manual from the left Each iDevices product comes shipped with a printed quick start guide. This guide was not ideal for use within the app or online. I designed a new layout that was ideal for mobile use and communicated clear directions to get users up and running quickly. Within these quick start guides I also created the orthographic line drawings for each product.
Kestrel Connect App Manual Kestrel Connect is an app made by iDevices for NK, Nielsen Kellerman, a company that designs and manufactures weather instruments and specialty timing equipment. The app was made to support the newest edition to their line, the Kestrel DROP. These drops allowed users to get readings in multiple locations by using multiple drops. My role in this project was to help bring the app to completion by designing the app icon, exporting all the assets for all resolutions, doing Q/A testing with the app over time to improve bugs. I also contributed to design direction and user experience after the initial design and layout of the app. Once the app was in its final phases I designed the app manual. View the PDF
iDevices Manuals


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