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The final mockup was created, with more color added, blue for the HUD UI and a faint red coming in from the top sides to hint at Batman's point of view while driving. The icons were left up to the product owners and developers to choose what would be implemented.

Options were given to try to support a single speed slider with joystick for direction, however the development team weren't able to prioritize that function, and other features like the animated background.

Brainstorming icon sketches were then brought into illustrator to iterate. The global production team made the final decisions.

Further down the line I was informed that icons would be part of the final deliverable, so I went back to research and found some more images to help inspire icons for still undetermined actions. I worked alongside producers and a creative technologist to conceptualize potential action buttons.

As part of the company's innovation initiative, I pushed some boundaries by sampling out ideas for animating the background using simple 9 frame pngs. Ultimately the idea didn't make the final cut due to development time constraints.

Once I had a decent idea sketched out in sketchbook pro I brought it over to Photoshop and illustrator to clean it up, and refine it further

Following my research I was given general specs for the assets that were needed and how they could be mapped out on the display and proceeded to sketch out a background for the UI to live on.

To start this process I researched as much Batman related UI that already existed, but also wanted to take a look at other UIs for inspiration and reference.

LEGO App Controlled Batmobile UI

Brief: Bring customers deeper into the Batman experience through a digital interface for the LEGO App Controlled Batmobile, using existing UX design patterns from the LEGO Powered Up system.

Role: User Interface Design, Animation, Icon Design


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